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Barnaby Rudge - a tale of the Riots of 'eighty (Classics To Go)

Gathered round the fire at the Maypole Inn, in the village of Chigwell, on a foul weather evening in the year 1775 were John Willet, proprietor of the Maypole, and his three cronies. One of the three, Soloman Daisy, tells a stranger at the inn a well-known local tale of the murder of Reuben Haredale which had occurred 22 years ago that very day. Reuben had been owner of the Warren, an estate in the area, now the residence of the deceased Reuben's brother, Geoffrey, and his niece, Reuben's daughter Emma Haredale. After the murder, Reuben's gardener and steward were missing and suspects in the crime. The gardener's body was later found, but it was misidentified as the steward (the actual murderer, Rudge Senior) because the steward had dressed it in clothes belonging to him. The gardener was assumed to be the murderer. Joe Willet, son of the Maypole proprietor, quarrels with his father because John treats 20-year-old Joe as a child. Finally having had enough of this ill treatment, Joe leaves the Maypole and goes for a soldier, stopping to say goodbye to the woman he loves, Dolly Varden, daughter of locksmith Gabriel Varden. Meanwhile, Edward Chester is in love with Emma Haredale. Both Edward's father, John Chester, and Emma's uncle, the Catholic Geoffrey Haredale, sworn enemies, oppose the union after Sir John untruthfully convinces Geoffrey that Edward's intentions are dishonourable. Sir John's intentions are to marry Edward to a woman with a rich inheritance to support John's expensive lifestyle and to pay off his debtors. Edward quarrels with his father and leaves home for the West Indies…
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