crosby tailor 30 day transformation

>> Best Crosby Tailor - 30 Day Transformation (2 DVD Fitness Workout Set + Calendar)<<

2 DVD Set

Crosby Tailor - 30 Day Transformation (2 DVD Fitness Workout Set + Calendar)

In this 2 disk DVD set Crosby Tailor has created 6 programmes designed to burn fat, tighten & tone core muscle groups, and create body awareness through mindful breath work. Produced for both men and women looking to achieve their ideal physique. His low impact philosophy will show you incredible results without overtraining. You will learn that it is not always about training as intensely as possible, it is about training smart.

Crosby has devised 6 Low Impact Training workouts to tone your muscles & strengthen your core, while keeping your inflammation and stress response in check.

DVD 1 Cardio & Core
Cardio - The cardio session picks up the pace with quicker movements and shorter bursts. These exercises will develop your fast twitch muscle fibers and increase your heart rate in order to burn more calories. If any movements are too difficult, rest through the exercise and focus on your breath. Core + Breath Work- This workout is designed to strengthen the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. Fortifying your core will improve your balance, stability, and posture. The routine finishes with eight minutes of conscious breath work adopted from "The Wildfire Initiative" to calm the central nervous system, relieve stress, and connect you more to your body.

DVD 2 Body Sculpt
4 core concentrated and mindful Strength Training Workouts created to build lean muscle & burn fat using weights, static holds and your own body resistance. The key is to stay present and let your breath carry you through every movement.
The categories consist of:
Shoulder & Legs,
Chest & Triceps,
Glutes & Hamstrings,
Back & Biceps

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