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Deep Roots

How do we define the sacred? Looking for answers, Dr. Kristen Welch interviewed several Pentecostal women preachers in Lake City, South Carolina in the summer of 2010: Rev. Jewelle Stewart, Rev. Rita Wrenn, Rev. Ruth Powell (now deceased), Rev. Dorothy Cox, Rev. Betty Sue Walling, and Rev. Leona Coker. Also included is an interview with Revs. John and Louise Mayhue and their son Alan, and a transcript of Lennie Cordie Rex's story of her baptism in the Holy Spirit. Drawing upon these interviews, Dr. Welch explores the role of the sacred through the testimonies of these women. A chapter on legacy points the way toward the future for women of the IPHC (International Pentecostal Holiness Church). The books ends with a full transcript of each interview.

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