dewalt 12 soft mini tool bag

>> Best Dewalt 12" Soft Mini Tool Bag<<

Approximate dimensions: 12-inches long x 8.5-inches wide x 7-inches tall

Dewalt 12

No one likes lugging individual tools back and forth across the job site, especially when they're heavy or there's a lot to carry. That's where the Dewalt 12in Black Mini Tool Bag comes in. This bag is the perfect size for carrying multiple hand tools such as screwdrivers or wrenches, as well as accessories like drill bits or sockets. The size doesn't limit its versatility, however, as it's perfect for carrying impacts, chargers, batteries, and much more. This bag is made of durable ballistic nylon with heavy duty stitching, which is great if you're looking for a bag capable of carrying a high weight. It also features a sturdier-than-average zipper that prevents any accidental openings while you're carrying your tools, as well as a strong handle that helps to make the bag as safe as possible to transport around.

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