flattened sterling silver spiral hoop earrings

>> Best Flattened Sterling Silver Spiral Hoop Earrings<<

Flattened Sterling Silver Spiral Hoop Earrings

These medium sized earrings are pull through sterling silver spiral hoop earrings which I have made by hand out of solid sterling silver wire. I sourced the sterling locally (from the Southwestern US) and shaped, flattened, hammered and tumble polished them myself for strength, springiness, and shine. I carefully sanded the end of the wire that goes through your ears smooth, too.

Since the earrings are made from sterling wire that is thin enough to go through your ear, I would suggest that these not be worn when you are washing or toweling off your hair. Having said that, I have a pair of these that I often wear which are more than three years old, so they hold up well if you treat them with a little consideration.

These silver spiral earrings are light and comfortable to wear. They are approx. 1-3/4" long from top to tip and 3/4 wide (45 mm by 19 mm).

Since these are individually handmade, there may be some slight variations between your earrings and the pictures, but they will be very similar to the picture.

Thank you for buying from an independent designer!

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