Gamblers Tempting Kisses

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Gambler's Tempting Kisses

Dillon Devereau ran his Kansas City casino, the Crystal Queen, with a steady band, but the hotheaded gambler lost his cool whenever be thought about the villain who'd caused his father's death. One way or another, he'd get that varmint... and take his revenge. That didn't leave Dillon much time for romancing the ladies--until a calico-clad preacher's daughter lifted her voice in song and set his heart aflame. Suddenly be knew be must run his fingers through her fiery auburn curls, stroke her rosy flesh into surrender, and caress every curve of her tempting body--but first he must find a way to break down her defenses!

Charity Scott was tired of wearing threadbare dresses and singing hymns at her father's revival meetings. She vowed that someday she would seek out her long-lost mother, then find a true love of her very own. So when the devilishly handsome gambler offered her a singing job, a beautiful green silk gown, and a temporary marriage "in name only," Charity decided to accept. But the gambler's bride hadn't bargained for the jolt of passion she felt at Dillon Devereau's first fiery caress. From the moment he touched her, Charity knew she would not let him stop until be bad satisfied her newly-awakened passion and carried her over the threshold of ecstasy.

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