great ghana recipes your cookbook of west african dish ideas

>> Best Great Ghana Recipes: Your Cookbook of West African Dish Ideas!<<

Great Ghana Recipes: Your Cookbook of West African Dish Ideas!

Do you long for the exotic tastes of Ghana?

Ghanaian cuisine is in a class all its own. The spices and herbs used in this cookbook truly add to the delicacies of Ghana and surrounding African countries.

Can you replicate these dishes at home?

Yes, you can! The recipes in this cookbook are easy to follow and don’t require any advanced experience in cooking.

Traditional Ghanaian food has always been dictated by the types of ingredients available in the country. The local produce once included mainly plantains, millet, beans and corn. They could utilize these foods to make wonderful dishes to nourish families. The recipes here will introduce you to the new ingredients available in Ghana, too, which opens the door to newer dishes that they were once unable to make as easily as they can now.

Would you like to include Ghanaian food in your at-home recipes?

We’ll show you how that’s done.

This cookbook includes many kinds of dishes created with Ghana in mind.

From breakfast to lunch, dinner, sides and desserts, we are sharing 30 Ghana-centric recipes in one eBook. This cookbook will put you on the right path to Ghanaian dishes you can make at home. Your family and friends will love them. Try a few of these recipes soon!


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