Greenlee 0158 24 Electricians Open Tool Carrier 11

>> Best Greenlee 0158-24 Electricians Open Tool Carrier, 11"<<

Lightweight rigid PE support structure gives solid support and protection

Greenlee 0158-24 Electricians Open Tool Carrier, 11

The rugged design allows users to load with heavy equipment and withstand the harsh work environment on a daily basis. Greenlee’s bags are constructed from a poly and nylon Ripstop fabric, which are woven fabrics using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and have a favorable strength-to-weight ratio. In the event of a tear, the design prevents the tear from enlarging. By containing the tear, the bag maintains durability and utilization. Critical seams that receive stress from weight are reinforced with double and triple stitching to prevent separation. The bags are lined with a light green interior increasing visibility of the tools inside. A durable, hard plastic bottom keeps dirt and water out and allows the bag to stand in an upright position for easy access. Greenlee’s Next Generation tool bag line has added four new designs to satisfy the needs of the professional.

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