Jack London Hearts Of Three Illustrated

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Jack London - Hearts Of Three (Illustrated)

Francis Morgan, a wealthy heir of industrialist and Wall Street maven Richard Henry Morgan, is a jaded young New Yorker. When his father's business partner Thomas Regan suggests that Francis take a holiday in Central America, ostensibly to search for the treasure of the Morgans' legendary ancestor, Francis thinks it's a splendid idea. But he never suspects what adventures await across the border - a surprising meeting with a distant relative, imprisonment on a murder charge, a daring escape, a perilous journey through the Cordilleras following an ancient Mayan prophecy, the Valley of Lost Souls with its mystic queen, fantastical treasures and, of course, the love of a beautiful stranger. Meanwhile, back in New York, a cunning enemy is positioning himself to destroy the Morgan fortune. Francis must get back in time to thwart the takeover and save his family's business.

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