kardiel cub modern lounge chair ottoman citrine vintage twill

>> Best Kardiel Cub Modern Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Citrine Vintage Twill<<

Brand: KARDIEL; Style: Cub Wing chair & Ottoman; Get the look: The original is priced over $3,5000; Cushion: Multi-density low profile Dacron wrapped foam cushions

Kardiel Cub Modern Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Citrine Vintage Twill

The Cub Chair design is Scandinavian mid-century modern lounging icon. Echoing a combination of soft and bold, the chair and ottoman is luxuriously upholstered in period correct high quality twill fabric while held in suspense by a solid tubular natural ash frame. The Cub Chair design ushers in modernist aesthetic while delivering practical seating comfortability. The chair is pitched backwards at an angle designed to ergonomically distribute the weight of the body on the back and the seat alike for a relaxing lounging experience. The arms do not simply follow the angle of the chair, they create it as the holistic approach to design incorporates the arm into the rear leg as one unit. An independently upholstered lumbar support and seat cushion platform create the lounging experience of the Cub Chair. A striking statement now as it was in the 50's, the extending shape of the back is a modernist representation of the classic wing chair. The Cub Chair was designed with the human body form in mind. As the ottoman perfectly completes the ergonomic angle of the chairs overall seating experience it was decided that the chair would not be available without one. In nearly every case, a piece of furniture that rises to become a classic has both striking artistic form as well as practical comfortable everyday use. Kardiel’s Mid Century Classic Cub Chair & ottoman Premium Reproduction Features: * Style: Cub Wing chair & Ottoman * Get the look: The original is priced over $3,5000 * Cushion: Multi-density low profile Dacron wrapped foam cushions * Seat Upholstery: Vintage Tailored Twill: 60% Linen, 20% Cotton, 20% Nylon * Piping: Fully upholstered body piping * Stitching: Seams hand-sewn using original Danish under-tuck lock-stitch * Body frame: Genuine Solid American Ash Wood Timber Frame * Finish: 3 coats of UV cured Polyurethane * Wood Preparation: Wood is kiln dried stabilizing the moisture content * Wood Preparation: 3 step sanded. Coarse medium and fine grit * Overall Dimensions: Width 32.5" x Depth 34.25" x Height 37" * Dimension Seat Height: Floor to seat height 15.4" * Dimension Ottoman: Width 26.4" x Depth 17.5" x Height 14.5" * Feature: The entire chair and ottoman is stitched and crafted by hand * Feature: Comes standard with floor protection caps on legs * Warranty: 3 year limited warranty The Cub Chair & Ottoman is a high quality reproduction of an original design, and is in no way affiliated with the original manufacturer or designer. Kardiel specializes in reproducing modern classic & mid-century modern designs. We strive to stay as close to the original specifications and materials as possible. About Vintage Tailored Twill: Twill is an interwoven knit fabric. The thread takes turns in an over and under weave forming a crooked yet overall lineal rectangle pattern that can be discerned at close range. The pattern exists but appears somewhat random when viewed from a normal distance. Vintage Tailored Twill provides a more refined, tailored appearance than that of a typical coarse twill. It relies on the multi-tone nature of the fabric strands themselves to provide the appearance of depth of texture. All fabrics wear with time, however when compared to common fabrics types like boucle or felt, twill are often considered more durable as they exhibit less visible wear effects such as piling and fuzzing.

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