kids adult 11 colors led light up shoes high top flashing sneakers for christmas

>> Best TUTUYU Kids 11 Colors LED Shoes High Top Fashion Sneakers For Halloween Golden 31<<

LED Color: 7 kinds of static color, 4 kinds of dynamic color changes, altogether 11 kinds of lighting patterns

TUTUYU Kids 11 Colors LED Shoes High Top Fashion Sneakers For Halloween Golden 31

Size Table:
foot length 153mm(6")=US8(Toddler)=EUR25
foot length 160mm(6.3")=US8.5(Toddler)=EUR26
foot length 167mm(6.6")=US9.5(Toddler)=EUR27
foot length 174mm(6.9")=US10(Little Kid)=EUR28
foot length 180mm(7.1")=US11(Little Kid)=EUR29
foot length 187mm(7.4")=US11.5(Little Kid)=EUR30
foot length 194mm(7.6")=US12.5(Little Kid)=EUR31
foot length 200mm(7.9")=US13(Little Kid)=EUR32
foot length 207mm(8.1")=US1(Little Kid)=EUR33
foot length 214mm(8.4")=US2(Little Kid)=EUR34
foot length 221mm(8.7")=US3(Big Kid)=EUR35
foot length 228mm(9.0")=US3.5(Big Kid)=EUR36
foot length 234mm(9.2")=US4.5(Big Kid)=EUR37
foot length 241mm(9.5")=US5.5(Big Kid)=EUR38
foot length 248mm(9.8")=US6(Big Kid)=EUR39
foot length 255mm(10.0")=6.5 D(M) US Men / 9 B(M) US Women=EU40
foot length 261mm(10.3")=7.5 D(M) US Men / 9.5 B(M) US Women=EU41
foot length 268mm(10.6")=8.5 D(M) US Men / 10.5 B(M) US Women=EU42
foot length 274mm(10.8")=9 D(M) US Men / 12 B(M) US Women=EU43
foot length 281mm(11.1")=9.5 D(M) US Men / 13 B(M) US Women =EU44
foot length 288mm(11.3")=10.5 D(M) US Men / 14 B(M) US Women=EU45
foot length 295mm(11.6")=11 D(M) US Men / 15 B(M) US Women =EU46

Shoes outsole: Rubber LED shoes sole
Suitable venue:Indoor.Outdoor
Function: LED Light
Sneakers technology: LED lights soles
Leather Upper, Rubber Sole, Textile
Color: Black/White/Red/Gold/Silver/Purple/Bright Black

Package including:
1 pair of shoes without box

Notes: TUTUYU is a brand specializing in LED shoes.
Our LED shoes are equipped with professional packaging and free charging cable.
TUTUYU LED sneakers are suitable for performances, cosplay, night outs and everyday use The LED light can be recharged through the USB sort. The size are suit for kids,junior,teenager,men or women. the size is from Eur 25 to 46.

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