last minute sat critical reading

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Last Minute SAT Critical Reading

This is a must-have program for every student preparing for the SAT. Last Minute SAT will help relieve the stress caused by this crucial exam and raise your SCORE! Getting a good score on the SAT is the key to getting into a good college. SAT Critical Reading provides you with commonly used vocabulary words, and useful, easy-to-remember techniques designed to help you through all three kinds of verbal questions, including sentence completion, analogies, and the reading comprehension. Unlike traditional study guides, this programming features dynamic computer graphics and animation, plenty of clear-cut examples and a relaxed, approachable teaching style. This award-winning Standard Deviants DVD is the perfect way to learn and review at your own pace all at the touch of a button! Using proven strategies, you ll learn how to approach the different types of questions on the exam and maximize your time while eliminating answer choices. Everything you need to learn is at your fingertips.

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