Linebacker Home Door Security Bar High Security Door Protection

>> Best LineBacker Home Door Security Bar-High Security Door Protection<<

This is the VERY BEST value available in door security hardware! If the day should come when you really need it, our two position door bar will absolutely protect you and your family. No question about it!

LineBacker Home Door Security Bar-High Security Door Protection

The unit can mount on either left or right hand doors and is attached to two solid metal brackets, which are secured to the Door Frame, (the double 2"x 4" wood support column behind the drywall) by four 3-1/2inch steel lag screws, making it the most secure entryway protection you can get. The handle can be rotated and moved to reveal a muscular machined pin hinge that allows the bar to articulate, which means you can open the door without sacrificing any of the security offered when the door is closed! FITS 32" to 36" Doors -Right or Left Opening - Allows door to open slightly for Confirming Identification, Ventilation, Pet Access etc. Brackets clear door trim and allow Cam/Handle to snug against the door. Eliminating ANY damage to door or jamb when kick-in attempt is made! Absolutely the Best Value for the full Entry Door protection. You can make a "Safe Room" from any room with a strong door!

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