my life with dogs

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My Life with Dogs

Jordan Maries book, My Life With Dogs, is a personal story of one girls journey with dogs while facing lifes trials and triumphs.

Its very refreshing to live in a community where parents are actively engaged in their childrens lives and promote a sense of stewardship and community service. Jordan Marie is a shining example of this community spirit and has the gift and willingness to help animals with care and love. In Germantown, we are proud of her efforts and wish her continued success as she encourages others through her writing and actions.

Mike Palazzolo, Mayor, City of Germantown

As the father of two daughters and owner of a rescue dog, My Life With Dogs is really inspiring. It speaks to the talent and compassion of a young girl and dog lover. Jordan Marie, my daughter, Lauren, considers it a great privilege to call you a friend. We cant wait to read the next one. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Woods, Shelby County School Board

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