Outlaw Moon Cripple Creek Book 3

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Outlaw Moon (Cripple Creek Book 3)

When outlaw Jack Rafferty stumbled upon the Wild West show, he took his chances and went into the gypsy's tent - only to find his fortune changed forever. Sloe-eyed Madame LaBelle seemed to see right through him. But Jack discovered that she had a few sultry secrets of her own. Striking a bargain with the bewitching beauty, he couldn't know that all hell was about to break loose. Now Jack was on the run again, and the stakes were higher than ever. He had to clear his name - and protect the woman he loved!

Amber LaBelle was no gypsy, and no psychic, either. But she knew that the seductive rogue with the dangerous eyes was running from something. That made two of them. Yet as she and Jack fled for their lives across a treacherous northern wilderness, Amber couldn't have predicted that what had begun as a mutual deception would flame into a raging passion that couldn't be denied!

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