Piece By Piece

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Piece by Piece

There’s no stronger word than LOVE. But to have that unexpectedly ripped away, leaves a feeling of being lost in a world erased. Piece by piece, a life can be destroyed, and piece by piece, it can be put back together.
Safety Transportation Investigator, Ashia Woodruff, and her girlfriend Jodie Wessen have separate flights booked from Vancouver, Canada, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jodie, whose Brazilian mother and half-sister, Pietra, live in Rio, is to attend a dress fitting for Pietra’s wedding, while Ashia still has a few loose ends to finish off on a recent case she’s been working on. Their flights are only a day apart, so Ashia drops Jodie off at the airport, before she heads to the office. When Ashia doesn’t receive the expected phone call to say Jodie had landed safely, she wasn’t too concerned at first, as she knew Jodie would probably be caught up in deep conversation with her mother and sister. But when co-worker Adam Ellis receives a call from his boss to say the flight had crashed somewhere in the Tijuca rain forest, Ashia is forced to endure a mentally torturous journey to find out if Jodie has survived the crash.
This story begins with the emotional turmoil a couple apart and without contact would go through, but then develops into the investigation of the crash, as they try to figure out how the plane went down, and why.

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