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Ploughshares Fall 2010 Guest-Edited by Jim Shepard

The Fall 2010 issue of Ploughshares, guest-edited by Jim Shepard. Ploughshares, a journal of new writing, is guest-edited serially by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles.

This all-fiction issue edited by American author Jim Shepard features work by Charles Baxter, Aimee Bender, Robert Cohen, Jay Neugeboren, and Meghan Mayhew Bergman.

Full Table of Contents

Jim Shepard

by Robert Cohen


"Mr. Scary," by Charles Baxter
"The Fake Nazi," by Aimee Bender
"Our Time with the Pirates," by Robert Cohen
"We Don't Deserve This," by Sandra Leong
"The Two-Thousand-Dollar Sock," by Meghan Mayhew Bergman
"Make-A-Wish," by Jay Neugeboren
"John, for Christmas," by Ethan Rutherford
"Joyriders," Greg Schutz
"Dukes and Duchesses of Park Ridge," by Ian Stansel


The Pleasure of Letting Go: A Plan B Essay by Kyoko Mori


Cohen Award Winners: Adrian Blevins and Andria Nacina Cole


Jacob M. Appel reviews Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life, by Carol Sklenicka
Kirstin Chen reviews A Disobedient Girl, by Ru Freeman
Judith Grossman reviews The Ticking Is the Bomb, by Nick Flynn
Scott Stanfield reviews The Lost Origins of the Essay, edited by John D'Agata

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