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Quest For King Arthur

Quest For King Arthur traces Arthur’s evolution from the earliest records of the historical Artorius Dux Bellorum through countless incarnations to the idealized figure of the King Arthur we know today – emblematic of the perfect ruler of a utopian kingdom. Brilliantly illustrated by academy-award winning artist, Alan Lee, this book vividly evokes the romance of Arthurian legend; and in dramatic language reveals the myriad of tales surrounding one of the world’s great heroes.

As Terry Jones, medievalist and director of Monty Python and the Holy Grail states in his introduction to this book: “David Day applies his eclectic knowledge of mythology, linguistics, totemic language, symbolism, heraldry, alchemy and even metallurgy to provide new insights into Arthurian legends in a quite extraordinary way. Quest for King Arthur is the most enlightening single text on King Arthur to have been written since Malory first laid his hero to rest.”

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