rescue our healthcare



Healthcare costs are out of control. Worse than the cost acceleration is the deterioration of our healthcare quality and services. The underlying cause is medical liability in all its forms, from medical malpractice to product liability to class action suits. The lawyers and lawyer legislators have made a feeding trough out of healthcare. The portrayed benefit by lawyers to the public has been far surpassed by the detriment caused by medical liability on healthcare costs and declining services to the public. The author of this book is a board certified emergency medicine doctor and has practiced full time emergency medicine for 36 years. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and has been an assistant clinical professor teaching clerks, interns, and residents emergency medicine skills over these years. The author of this book will give the public incite to the deplorable conditions we are facing in our healthcare delivery if a dramatic change in our healthcare laws are not enacted. He will depict the changes that will protect the public, reduce our healthcare costs and improve healthcare services citing decades of experiences in the emergency rooms dealing with these issues. Visit his blog at and join the "Get Healthcare Out of the Courts Campaign".

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