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Sahara Splendor

Battered Beauty
Forced to wed a brutal rancher to pay her brother's poker debts, Sahara Caldwell scarcely mourned the man's sudden death on her wedding night - especially since the shapely strawberry blond now found herself owner of his ranch and a vast stagecoaching empire as well. But a partner was part of the deal - Dan Madigan, a dark-eyed, forceful man whose will was as strong as her own and whose magnetic virility made her tremble with desire. And though she was determined to do things her own way, the lovely Sahara was soon ready to surrender to the shuddering waves of pleasure Dan's touch matter what the future might bring.

Rugged Rancher
Dan Madigan longed to run the Spade enterprises himself, but the curvaceous little spitfire was getting in his way! He could tame her body, but the stubborn vixen refused to let go of the reins when it came to running the ranch. As business partners they clashed bitterly, but when he captured her in passion's ultimate embrace, their desires merged in perfect harmony. The ranch would have to wait, Dan vowed, while he took his willful Sahara to the searing peaks of ecstasy, stroked every inch of her rosy flesh, and showed her who must lead and who must follow in their fiery partnership of love!

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