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Scotland - The Guide For Tourists & Travellers

For tinkerers, collectors, enthusiasts or inventors detailed and proven first-hand informations are very valuable research material. This unique info can be found in older literature, meaning published patents or books from your field of work.

This high-quality technical literature stems right from the source - the inventor himself. He describes his area of expertise exactly down to the tiniest detail, often with detailled pictures and helpful exploded-view drawings.

Here you can buy a collection of selected informations for your selected topic - Scotland and its wonderful treasures.

You will receive detailed descriptions and blueprints of constructions, individual parts, component groups, guides, raw materials, tools and much more.

What can you do with this literature?

With this ebook you will receive extremely high-quality literature which will help you in many aspects of your life. Additionally it is of course very interesting to browse the records of inventors and see their work and thought processes firsthand.

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