Secco Wvpolset 4 Inch Variable Speed Wet Polisher Kit

>> Best SECCO WVPOLSET 4-Inch Variable Speed Wet Polisher Kit<<

Integrated operator protector GFCI circuit breaker

SECCO WVPOLSET 4-Inch Variable Speed Wet Polisher Kit

The SECCO variable speed wet polisher is a low rpm (1000 - 4000) water feed angle grinder. The use of this tool is required when polishing with diamond tools which require the use of water and low RPM's. SECCO has been providing quality tools to concrete and granite fabrication professionals for years. This unit is equipped with an 800 watt 8 amp motor and features a variable speed dial located at the rear of the grinder. The RPM range of this unit is 1000- 4000 rpm. The polisher has a quick connect brass coupling and is supplied with all necessary hoses and connectors to hook up a standard garden hose. The arbor is 5/8-11 UNC thread and is compatible with all 5/8 threaded and non threaded tools. Other features include: * Integrated GFCI (operator protector circuit breaker) * 360 degree adjustable 4" safety guard with integrated rubber splash skirt. * Aluminum bail handle (D handle) (A must have for wet polishing and grinding) * Wrench assortment * Arbor nut assortment (for attaching non threaded tools to the grinder) * Extra carbon brushes (Wearable replacement motor component) * Water adjustment valve * 12' heavy duty contractors grade cord (most grinders have 6') * Double insulated * Water on/off valve with quick connect * All water lines and garden hose adapters * Brass water diffuser integrated into arbor * DVS dust and water extraction shroud 4" granite and stone polishing pad set included! Always wear a rubber glove to operate this grinder/polisher to prevent electric shock/tingling.

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