secret rider show jumping dreams book 1

>> Best Secret Rider (Show Jumping Dreams ~ Book 1)<<

Secret Rider (Show Jumping Dreams ~ Book 1)

Horses are considered a bad word in thirteen year old Emily Dickenson’s house. Her mother is terrified of them. Her dad left because of them. And all Emily wants is to ride them. But that isn’t going to happen any time soon unless Emily takes matters into her own hands and she’s been doing just that for the last year.

The only trouble is that secrets are made to be broken and Emily has the biggest one of all. She works at Sand Hill Stables to pay for riding lessons and now she has the chance to prove herself at the prestigious Fox Run Farm show. With her best friend Mickey as her partner in crime, can she make it to show day without her mom finding out? And why do the girls who ride at Fox Run want to make sure that Sand Hill closes its doors once and for all?

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