Sweat Odor Proof Short Sleeve Shirt

>> Best Sweat & Odor Guard Short Sleeve Shirt (X Small, Midnight Black)<<

The Greatest Innovation in Women's Shirts! - Our Sweat & Odor Guard keeps you completely dry.

Sweat & Odor Guard Short Sleeve Shirt (X Small, Midnight Black)

Nobiyo FreshwearTM Women's Scoop Neck Base Layer provides what some describe as, "Putting on one's inner superheroine." Using our Freshwear underarm moisture management technology, we have created an undershirt that promotes freshness, by whisking away sweat and mitigating underarm odor, keeping the unpleasant from ever reaching your clothes. The comfortable compressive fabric is smoothing and toning in the tummy area making you feel sleek, luxurious - and dare we say - empowered! HOW WAS NOBIYO FRESHWEAR BORN? It started with Deborah Perry Piscione, who as a television commentator and a keynote speaker, found it a little embarrassing to perspire thru her blouses in front of thousands of audience members. There had to be a shirt that would stop sweat in its tracks. Tapping into some of the keenest minds in Silicon Valley, Deborah developed exciting fabric innovations, and designed a soft, sleek feminine shirt that not only keeps you dry, but helps control your shape as well.

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