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THE COCONUT COLLABORATIVE: The Joy Of Life (Coconut Water Book 2)

When I was writing this book, I was holding several audiences in my thoughts.
The first are those who have never heard of or tasted a coconut. I truly believe that they will benefit more from reading this book and will find the pages of this book interesting in the ways that it will help them look at their lifestyles in a new light, with new eyes, and with an enlightenment of greater understanding.
Another, although probably not as unaware as the first, are those people who know about coconuts, but not about the health benefits that they can provide us. These are the ones who will seek to understand what is being explained in this book but will find the pages in this book helpful in a different way.
Another is those who seek to know if what they have heard or read about coconuts can be true, but whose own skepticism has hindered them from accepting and learning more because of misleading information provided by authorities about the health benefits of coconuts and its byproducts.
These will find that the interweaving of the radical concepts, practical applications, and uses of the coconut mentioned in this book as a beacon of shining light to freedom.
The final audience consists of those people who have done the research but have not shared or implemented the principles that they have learned during their research.

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