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The Guardian [Blu-ray]

William Friedkin, the Academy Award winning director of The Exorcist, delivers a new kind of fairy tale for adults.

A handsome young couple finds the perfect live-in babysitter to look after their newborn child. It seems like a fairy tale, until ancient, supernatural forces turn the couples dream into a nightmare.

In his first horror film since The Exorcist, Oscar-winning director William Friedkin spins a terrifying tale based on every parent’s worst fear. Jenny Seagrove (Local Hero) portrays the enchanting guardian who enters the home of new parents Dwier Brown (Red Dragon) and Carey Lowell (Licence to Kill) possessing impeccable references and an affinity for children. But as her true intentions are revealed, the battle for the child’s soul begins in this chilling film based on Dan Greenburg’s popular novel, The Nanny.

Special Features Include:

-“A Happy Coincidence” - an interview with actor Dwier Brown
-“From Strasberg to The Guardian” - an interview with actor Gary Swanson
-“A Mother’s Journey” - an interview with actress Natalija Nogulich
-“Scoring The Guardian” - an interview with composer Jack Hues
-“Tree Woman: The Effects of The Guardian” - an interview with makeup effects artist Matthew Mungle
-“Return to the Genre” - an interview with director/co-writer William Friedkin
-“The Nanny” - an interview with actress Jenny Seagrove
-“Don’t Go Into the Woods” – an interview with co-writer Stephen Volk
-Still Gallery of Behind-the-Scenes photos

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