the tale of the twin princes now and later

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The Tale of the Twin Princes Now and Later

Two boys, Now and Later, are born twins and princes. They're exactly the same, except that they're really different. Their father, King Orion, and their mother, Queen Patientia, have worked hard to build the Kingdom of Possibilitatum, but the Princes didn't.

They just got born as princes.

So how do you stop two donut-loving boys from growing up to be royal knuckleheads?

The Story of Prince Now and Prince Later takes you on their adventures growing up with lots of advantages, like elephant rides on their birthdays and the best teachers in the Kingdom, as well as lots of expectations, like someday being able to run the Kingdom.

It's broken into bedtime-friendly chapters for parents who want a nice long story that kids will want to hear night after night or a breezy and entertaining read for kids (or adults) who read on their own.

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