tristan reed and the gateway to leonis

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Tristan Reed and the Gateway to Leonis

Tristan Reed and his friends are in the summer before 10th grade. For most other teenagers, the days would be filled with lazy activities, but not for Tristan. He's been hard at work trying to figure out the purpose of a skeleton key he had inherited with only one message behind it: protect the key to save the world.

After an entire summer of trying, the key finally responds, opening a gateway to a world of dangerous magic, transporting the young man and his friends to a place called Leonis. Except his friends have been spread across the land, apart from him. Tristan must seek the help of another to find them before he can go home... if he can go home at all. Now that the people of Leonis know the key has returned, the hunt for Tristan begins.

Tristan Reed and the Gateway to Leonis is approximately 42,000 words long, and is a humorous epic fantasy by Marcus Emerson.

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