u is for underwear

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U Is for Underwear

Tighty-whities, Polk-a-dots and lace, Turtles and Monkeys, Cars in a race, Penguins and snowmen, Froggies with crowns, Dinosaurs and doggies, Flowers and names, These are some undies that my friends claim

For most young readers, there arent many things that will get a giggle out of them quicker than underwear. We all wear underwear, and there are so many different kinds! In this silly song turned story, author Lisa Carter delves into the wacky world of underwear to answer age-old questions for young readers: Who wears underwear, and what kinds of underwear are there?

Intended for the young and young at heart, U is for Underwear uses a sing-song style and brightly colored illustrations that bring even more humor to the words. Children may be amused to discover that even teachers, preachers, nurses, and scientists wear underwear.

Whimsical and fun, this illustrated song gives a truly different viewpoint on underwear.

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