Undertale Surviving The Underground

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Undertale: Surviving the Underground

Hello human, and welcome to the world of Undertale! 

This is an action packed adventure book set in the world of Undertale, where you, the reader, decide what actions to take to survive the underground.

Humans are not a common occurrence in the underground - not ones that are alive, anyway. So, as you will see, you being here will be quite a treat for all of the monsters. While some of the monsters will love your company in their quaint little world, there are others that may not take too kindly to seeing you. The royal guard will see you don’t live long if they catch you. 

You’ll be faced with countless trials and tasks in the Underground, and just like in the human world, you’ll have choices to make when you face these trials. Do you run, or do you fight? Do you hide in a closet, or do you eat the cheese that you found in your coat pocket from last year? 

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