unholy night bubba the monster hunter book 12

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UnHoly Night (Bubba the Monster Hunter Book 12)

With Bubba laid up in the hospital, Skeeter takes to the field in this heart-warming (not really), family-friendly (not at all), completely serious (not even a little bit) holiday tale.

Let's face it, Skeeter's almost as wrong as Bubba is, just in a completely different way. So if you're into stories where old people get insulted, rednecks get made fun of, and something completely silly and unexpected happens at the end, then jump on board, it'll be an interesting ride!

"Cross Larry the Cable Guy with The Dresden Files, and you have Bubba the Monster Hunter"

"Reminds be a bit of Ash from Army of Darkness"

"Hartness spins another tale of redneck mayhem full of his usual sarcastic humor."

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